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When Whycatcher, Zappistore and the Market Research Society came together, they agreed a common purpose: to make market research and insight more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Good market research can provide significant competitive advantages for SMEs. Small business owners cite better planning, more confident decision-making, reduced risks and increased efficiency as the key benefits of conducting research with their customers.

However, market research can be daunting, especially for smaller business who may be worried about how what it involves and the expense.

To provide insight into the different ways of carrying out research with a specialist agency as well as providing useful tips and advice on how to do it yourself, this SME website is here to support small businesses in the art of effective market research.

Standards are guaranteed

All the research agencies that appear on this website as case studies or in the search results also feature in the Research Buyer's Guide, a directory of agencies in the UK and Ireland that are accredited by the Market Research Society. 

Accreditation means these agencies adhere to the higestest industry standrds and comply with the MRS Code of Conduct. You can find more about MRS accreditation here.

With thanks to our sponsors – Whycatcher and Zappistore - for their support and expertise in bringing this resource for small companies to market.

Would you like to appear on this website?

Contact MRS if you are an MRS company partner or individual member and you want to appear on this website.

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