How to find a research provider


Choosing an agency

To choose the right research agency or consultant, you have to start by conducting  some research yourself. Key factors to consider are the type and size of agencies that specialise in your sector – plus those that can give you added insight and advice.

A good research supplier is the sum of its formal expertise but also its ‘softer’ skills and experience. Factors such as ownership, agency size, culture, ethics and human talent are all key criteria for business owners to consider. A good fit works and also feels right.  

All the research agencies that appear in the 'Find a supplier' search results of this website also feature in the Research Buyer's Guide, a directory of agencies in the UK and Ireland that are accredited by the Market Research Society

Accreditation means these agencies adhere to the higestest industry standrds and comply with the MRS Code of Conduct. You can find more about MRS accreditation here.


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